Experience since 1993
Procoin International GmbH is the European headquarter of an international company
group manufacturing cash handling equipment since 1993. Our product range covers
the processes of counting, sorting, detecting and packing of cash – for banks, retailers
and everywhere else where cash needs to be processed. In our industrial solutions
department, we develop specialized solutions for mints and other demanding customers
–the places where money is made.

Think globally, act locally
Nowadays, demands all over the world are pretty similar – but not the same. By closer
presence to and cooperation with our local partners, we manage to keep our communication
ways between the end user and our product designers short, right from the
beginning of product definition, to continuing product development and servicing.
Our staff of 300 engineers, product managers, technicians, support center, software
specialists and further more are dedicated to our local partners and customers. In
most cases, just one decision-maker needs to be consulted before getting a quick
response for your inquiry or having things done.

Efficiency, well balanced
In today’s world, we can only achieve the service you expect by having automatized
routine processes on the B2B side, pretty matching the German roots as our partners
often say – and they like it, as it gives us more time for topics where flexibility and
creative solutions are really required.

cashMAX ®
With cashMAX® we created an affordable entry-level brand of equipment for cash
professionals and other customers demanding best quality.

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